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Heron (Ardea cinerea) (11)Fox (taken from the cafe in WWT)TerrapinMarsh Fritillary (Euphydryas aurinia) (2)Dingy Skipper (Erynnis tages)Marsh Fritillary (Euphydryas aurinia)Dingy Skippers (Erynnis tages)Four-spotted chaser (Libellula quadrimaculata) (2)Four-spotted chaser (Libellula quadrimaculata)Cardinal Beetle (Pyrochroa serraticornis)SpiderCrane-flyPhilippine DuckSedge Warbler (Acrocephalus schoenobaenus) (2)Sedge Warbler (Acrocephalus schoenobaenus)Four-spotted chaser (Libellula quadrimaculata) (3)Long-Tailed Tit (Aegithalos caudatus) (4)Fox (in front of P.Scott hide) (5)Fox (in front of P.Scott hide) (4)Fox (in front of P.Scott hide) (3)

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Great Set of images Clayton...Well Done.
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